Every human being’s life is mostly about relationship with other, and that starts in relationship with itself. We meet people to learn something from them. If we don’t learn our lesson, life brings us another person later, with the same message. The second time comes usually as more painful, and gives us emotional injury in particular moment of life.

It works that way for me. When I was five (1959) I got pneumonia. I was taken to the hospital without my mother. In such situation, fear is the only thing that a child can really feel, meaning fear of being abandoned by its mother. That mechanism was put into my memiotional memory for a very long time. It was an injury I was camuflating for years in many different ways. To deserve my mother’s love I was doing many, not really wise things, to to feel loved. Getting social, work, and material status were also the ways to fulfill myself. Those were another thigs I did, not being aware of their real meaning. They brought me to another fails and losses. The more it was, the more painful it felt. My losses were recurring in cycles, every ten years; once I was 23, then 33 and 43 years old.

Energy doesn’t know the meaning of morality. It is a creation of people that want to control individuals by keeping them in specific systems like family, society, and religion. In my case there was done a lot to keep me feeling ashamed and gulity in case i didn’t fit someone’s expectations. Right after one of my many mistakes, situation took me out of the system. Feeling rejected was very painful and that was a time to begin exploring my subconsciousness, and hidden reasons beetwen all of my decisions in life. The truth I was learining was a miracle to me. It was refreshing and revealing. I was meeting the depth of interpersonal and intrapsychical issues. That knowledge made me a man, who sees the connection between past and the future. The present comes from the past, and it is all related to energy wchich reveals the future.

Psychology and psychotronics degree made me proud for a period of time. After that there was a moment to start exploring the true nature of being a human. Then The Holy Gong appeared in my life – not in a sense of church equipment, because it has nothing to do with catholicism. I call it The Holy Gong, because it transforms the energy at its finest, straight from the universe. The Holy Gong opened my heart chakra and made me able to universally love people.  Every day with The Holy Gong is in facts experiencing love in variety of forms. This energy is the energy of eternal life, that widens mental horizons further and further. Of course there is fear of unknown, it is natural. But there is nothing bad in fear except fear itself. If you are reading this, it means you seek, and if You seek, you will find.

In The Holy Gong there is everything you could desire. It keeps you free from your fears, lets you abandon your ego structure, and makes you pure, just like a newborn child with no beliefs. You may feel helpless, but remember – the world around You is totally safe and there is no need to feel guilt. Why should a newborn feel guilty, huh?

I have trusted The Holy Gong; it guides me trough life to the places and people that I had no idea about. Sometimes I am scared, I want to run away like a little boy, but moments later i feel curiosity and happines, just like the same young kid.

It feels like the beggining of the road. Isn’t it an invitation to eternity?