Adventures & Inspirations

There is a story that happened to me in july 2009. It may bring you conclusions if you seek for a pause in your life rush.

I was driving my car in Koszalin, Poland. There was my banner printed on rear window. Some men driving just right behind me called me and said: we would like to experience gong therapy right now. We stopped to chat, our conversation led to even bigger meeting in the same evening. Our goal was to share experiences, play Gongs and try some special vegan food. I played Gongs and Bowls on the baltic sea beach for those people; with silent sounds of sea and bonfire in the background.

If we talk about those amazing vegan dishes, they were so exotic to me I am not even able to recall its names. There fruits, vegetables, flour, oil and spices used; According to Marek Marczuk, a man who lives for 15 years in India and does ayuverda medicine for a living, quantities are not the main focus in such way of cooking. Real ayuverdic chef doesn’t even measure or try his food; he has intuition that guides him. He follows the rule “You are what You eat”. Cooking is not only products you use, but also the way you prepare them. Marek brings help to the poorest back in India, by cooking for thousands of people. There are skillets that can cointain even 1000 kg of ingredients in the regions where Marek Marczuk goes; it lets him and his crew cook for about 2000-3000 people a day. He raises money for it in Europe, by giving lectures about ayuverda medicine. Once he is good to go, he goes back to India. His engaged attitude and being straightforward are visible in every step and gesture he makes.

To be or to have? That is the questions that comes back to me every time I mention this meeting. Even if my Gong adventure took me to understanding intimacy between people met accidentally, I am thankful that I met Marek, Tomek, Andrzej, and all other people that took part in that extraordinary meeting. The mystery of human spirit often reveals itself from simplicity, open mind and heart. Those smiles on our faces are the proof, that the more smile is inside you, the more it happens around you.

Children of the Earth Festival

It was Monday. Monika called me, thet there is a great event worth seeing, called Children of the Earth Festival. Her stories about event galvanized me so much, that I decided to go few days later, knowing almost nothing about it.

We packed our bags next sunday morning with Monika, Natalia and Jasmina. Having Gongs, Bowls, and tents we drove to the place, very excited about upcoming. Mirsk village gave us a scent of an adventure: all the architecture looked like from the 50’s. It made me felt like I moved in time machine. After few miles alongside the river made me feel like we are lost. In the place we stopped there was a log cabin looking like a 200 years old; few meters away there was a car. I decided to look for its owner and ask for help. Then I met Aneta, who told us that the festival is just right here.

Natalia reached us hours later – looking like the realest shamaness alive, she was the mastermind of the whole event.

Sleeping in a tent at the edge of a forest, having showers in the refreshing waters of the river, meals cooked on a camp burner, peeing on the meadow, morning dew, everyday gong plays and wonderful people from another planet. That was the experience.

It all took me into another world in my life. World of joy, happiness, easiness, and mystic, spiritual experiences. After three days, with my body, mind and soul I felt like a child of earth.

Such state of mind was inside me since I was born. It lies in every single one of us. It is a state of mind I’ve been missing for ever. It is a true comeback to one’s roots, to the real meaning of being a human – it felt strong as nothing before. Every day brought wonderful experience of intimacy, tolerance, love and joy of a child.

At that event I also found my personal Holy Grail during Magdalena Maria’s workshops. Since then I found out, that I am facing the source; I can withdraw from it as much as I wish, anytime. My heart is the source. It says: take people as they are, abandon the judgement, comparing and expetations anything from anyone. Once you do it, life comes to you with colors, happines and love. And then there is new consciousness that comes to you – it is Christ Consciousness, that brings you a great change.

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