Consciousness has a tendency to expand. That is its nature since ages. To expand it, the human being needs free will. To make will decide about it, there are few necessary conditions to be accepted. Firstly, it is required to have curiosity of a child, coming with enjoying every experience. Such state of mind is typical for a child, that wasn’t shaped by adults yet. Secondly, consciousness doesn’t know the limits of a mind wchich works basing on the past. Third thing is the ability of consciousness to leave fourth-dimensional space-time continuum. Four: there is no need for a revenge for the past from any of your incarnations. Those above are the rules, but to have them in practical use, there are tools needed.

Techniques that I teach at my workshops are the mix of Tibetan Gongs and Bowls therapy, and exercises allowing to explore the one’s conscoiusness and expand it. Synergic connection lets you reach unity and understanding between you and your surroundings; it brings you solutions and answers you have never known before. It gives you unlimited options of shaping life with no effort. You can relate it to career, health, relationships and other aspects of life. The most fun in it is based ona a fact, that you can reach it without making anyone suffer. Sharing this ability is even bigger blessing. Once you reach beyond the horizon of your consciousness and you leave your comfort zone, you will understand that impossible is only temporary.

Feel free to contact me: Mareek Tomasz Tomczak x 🙂