Psycholigical service – System solutions

We cannot see ourselves, that is why sometimes there is only one visit needed to have your life back  on track. There is saying such as: “Eyes can see everything but themselves. They can see themselves in the mirror, and the only mirror for them is another pair of eyes. All you may need is a change of perspective;  doing so may affect you in a magical way.

If there are issues occuring for a longer time, and chaos is lasting and dominating, I have use speceific system solutions dedicated to couple, family, society, and job enviroment.

System solution: It allows to go through present and past relations between the ones related to the group, and the ones that are not related to it anymore. System solutions allow the therapist to reveal such connections at energy level. From that point there is effort to be taken during the therapy, to catch the harmony and the balance of energy back.

Energy doesn’t know the meaning of distance, works continously, with a speed of light, with no awareness of people sending it. System solutions lets the therapist shape relationships and energy vector to desired direction.

Events, Meetings service

Topics of workshops for business groups, societies:

Details and condidtions are discussed on demand